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22 Women who had 'play' with Ariel Peterporn

Here's the list of artists who have sex with Ariel Peterporn (from various sources and rumors circulating on the internet, not responsible for the content below)

1. The first of course Luna Maya

2. Cut Tary
Indeed the case of Ariel Peterporn vs Cut Tary, Cut Tary already known by her husband, and could clash in the mid-year 2007

3. Sophia Latjuba
Been in close contact when making a video clip in the early Peterpan career

4. Ratu Felisha
well if this woman is naughty, naughty guy See also, of course match

5. Audy Item
This girl had time to get together around the year 2006-2007

6. Melly Herlina
SHE bands vocalist, could be ex-Ariel Peterporn some time ago

7. Okie Agustina
The former model plus the former Pasha 'Ungu' also been close with Ariel Peterporn about the year 2003-2004

8. Aura Kasih
Got near the post-film 'Asmara Dua Diana' was released, finally become the woman who makes cracks Ariel's relationship with Luna, Luna had several times caught them again get together, fights vs Luna Aura could smell Infotainmet but later denied by both

9. Andhara Early
Ariel Peterporn is great, could make an already married woman willing to have an affair, and then divorced, and supposedly the child is also the son of Andhara-Ariel Peterporn.

10. Amy Lee
British model was allegedly involved in the same location in love with Ariel Peterporn, the ad creation together

11. Jennifer Arnelita
This model from Bandung, is so beloved Ariel Peterporn if she went to Bandung

12. Ardina Rasti
This model could be a model video clips Ariel

13. Tyas Mirasih
If this woman does whether it could be with Ariel also

14. Joanna Alexandra
Got close when making video clips peterpan

‎ ​15. Sarah Amelia
This woman married to an official at Ariel in 2007, his marriage had ended in the year 2008, Ariel get a child from this marriage

16. Karenina
Ariel also be approached as a model video clips

17. Dian Sastro
No Comments

18. Ladya cheryl
Again model video clip

19. Wulan Guritno

20. dewi persik

21. Julia Perez

22. Bunga Citra Lestari
according to rumors, there are also videos


  1. Nice info...

  2. weh sekarang jng cm menampilkan aja,, harus disertai bukti donk untuk yng 20 org thu,,

    bs nunjukin g??

  3. Gw tahu artis cewe yang pernah "dipake" Ariel... Malah gw sempet nungguin di mobil nya si cewe pas mereka lagi "maen"...

    Tapi kok malah gak masuk jajaran 22 ini ya... Hehehehe...


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