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When the presenter of emotion to the audience

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Excessive rocking

This may be referred to excessive rocking

Excessive Rocking

The Oldest Woman in the World

You can guess how old the oldest woman in the world ..?
Authorities in the former Soviet republic of Georgia say a woman in a remote mountain village celebrated her 130th birthday - a claim that would make her the oldest person on Earth if confirmed.

A spokesman for the Civil registry branch of the Georgian Justice Ministry (Georgiy Meurnishvili) says Antisa Khvichava has Soviet-era documents showing she was born on July 8, 1880. Do not need a lot of confusion, the followingevidence, Antisa's original birth certificate...


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Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan

Ivan Bachdim you know ...? which is now a new idol for football lovers Indonesia because he achievement in the National Team Garuda who make a positive contribution to this with a contribution of 2 goals in 2 games AFF Cup 2010, which Indonesia for a while became the leader of the standingstrophy AFF 2010 Group A
Surely you know also with Jennifer Bachdim, girlfriend of Ivan Bachdim.

Here are the photos of Jennifer Jennifer Bachdim whose real name is Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan as a model of the German nation is currently associated with Victoria Beckham
Here's her biodata:
Name: Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan
Age: 23
Height / Weight: 165 cm/47 KG
Eye color: Brown
Bra Size: 34B
Clothes Size: 34/36
Shoe size: 37
Occupation: Model

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Is Maria Carey pregnant? While the pregnancy was kept as a hush hush affair, earlier, Mariah Carey however, announced her pregnancy in October 2010.
Mariah Carey, now revealed her belly bump as Mrs Claus at Disney Parks, Christmas Day Parade.
Mariah Carey's body simply spoke pregnancy traits, with her face, fingers and body swollen. However, the singer seemed to be happy and glowing as she sang for for the crowd including first lady Michelle, daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 9, and first Grandmother Marian Robinson.
The red dress that clung to her body tight, revealed the fact that she was pregnant, at the US President Barack Obama’s Christmas In Washington concert, broadcast this Friday.
Carey, recently revealed, “My fingers obviously swelled a little bit. I can’t even get this ring off if I tried,” she said. “My taste bud situation is unparalleled… I don’t know what it is, but I’m just about fruit for some reason. It has to be really good for me to like it.”
The couple have also skipped their Christmas trip, according to the doctor's suggestion.
More to the question 'Is Mariah Carey pregnant?', is about the rumours regarding the sex of the baby, which is baffling. It is also rumoured that she is to have twins, while another rumour is in the air that she is to deliver a baby boy in 2011, the due date however kept secret.
Mariah Carey in an interview referred to her unborn babies as “they”, while Nick Cannon in a following interview said that the rumour was absolutely false.
And about baby names already selected, Nick Cannon said, “She was very up front about what she wanted. We talked baby names on our first date.”
About Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon having a baby girl, they do not know the sex of the baby.
Mariah Carey however, has her own reasons to keep her pregnancy a hushed up affair, as she had miscarried earlier in 2008, a little while after her marriage with Nick Cannon.

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