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G-String Incident Photo Olla Ramlan in Swimming Pool

Olla Ramlan
When filling 3th anniversary events 'Dahsyat', model and presenter Olla Ramlan know if there are incidents that embarrass her. Because the G-string (underwear) that are wearing could be a public spectacle through RCTI TV screen.

Even Follower on Twitter, give a lot of bad comments, until Olla should apologize to the fans."When open Twitter turns out a lot of comments from the follower. Yes, how else would've happened, I'm just sorry about the incident," she said at the RCTI studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta

Although embarrassed, Olla not want to discuss it further, she thinks it is unusual incident that happened on the air directly. "Nothing that I blame, it's condition like that anyway, it's called entertaining. Moreover, these live broadcasts, so we did not realize there was something spontaneous,"says Olla Ramlan.

Olla explain when the fountain stage at RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (06.04.2011), around 17:00 pm, Olga pushing himself after Raffi Ahmad fell into the fountain, then followed by Sandra Angelia.

Olla who want to stand up from the pool did not realize there is one camera that captures the rear so that the g-string she was wearing black, so any public spectacle.

The following photos when the incident:

G-String Incident Photo Olla Ramlan


  1. mantap ganmantap gan

  2. sumpeh gaul ni tante olla,,,, bikin "cenggur"


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