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Nanako Matsushima

Nanako Matsushima is a Japanese actress and model. She was born on 13 October 1973 in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. She is known outside Japan for her role in the horror film Ring. She became the highest-paid actress in Japan due to Great Teacher Onizuka and all her following dramas becoming big hits. She was also a main character in A Story of Love, where she starred next to Hiroyuki Sanada, who also played Ryuji Takayama in Ring.

On February 21, 2001, she married Takashi Sorimachi who co-starred with her in Great Teacher Onizuka. They have two daughters together, born on May 31, 2004 and November 30, 2007.

Nanako Matsushima

Jeon Do Yeon

Jeon Do Yeon (전도연) is a highly-acclaimed South Korean actress who has won many awards including best actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. She was born on 11 February 1973. She is most famous for her extraordinary portrayal of a broken woman who has lost everything in Lee Chang-dong's Secret Sunshine.

Jeon Do Yeon
Jeon Do Yeon

These couples claim to have Fuck Virgin 52 Virgin and 49 Virgil

Strange indeed if a couple but the husband has slept with 52 virgins, while his wife is also serving 49 virgin sex. Number of virgin and virgin who served sex was part of the 3323 men Fuck women who had their 19 years of "work". Unique?

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Rita – 雷可儿

Sexy Korean Model Han Ji Eun (한지은)!

Yes or no to ultra sexy Korean Model Han Ji Eun (한지은)?

Yes to me definitely.

Lustful curves on a hot body; what else can we ask for?

Make it Yes or YES!!! Enjoy

Han Ji Eun

Lin Ke Tong – 小龙女彤彤

Lin Ke Tong – 小龙女彤彤 in Red

Fin another Lin Ke Tong here

Juliet Lin Ke Tong – 林柯彤(小龙女彤彤)

Name: Juliet Lin Ke Tong – 林柯彤(小龙女彤彤)

Country: China

生日: 1986.9.20

职业: 广告模特


体型: 性感

星座: 处女天秤座


Vivian Summer

Name: Vivian Summer

Country: USA

Blog: Blogger, Friendster, Facebook


Name : JESSEY MENG – 孟广美

Country : Taiwan

Blog :

Naomi Liu

Name: Naomi Liu

Country: Singapore

Blog: Facebook, Friendster, Blogspot

Janie Wang

Name : Janie Wang

Country : USA

Blog : Friendster

Sexy Korean Model Park Hyun Sun (박현선)

Time to revisit this awesome set from sexy Park Hyun Sun (박현선)!

Enjoy 7 photos of Park Hyun Sun:

Park Hyun Sun

Park Hyun Sun

Misshayoyo – 米莎

Name : Misshayoyo – 米莎
Country : China
Blog : Sina

Beautiful singer is a man who originally

1. Dana International
With his song entitled "Diva" he managed to win the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. World's most prestigious event in mainland europe music there. she became one of the most successful filtering israel today. he is now a judge in Israel show Idol.

Sexy Model Han Song I (한송이)

Sexy Korean Model Han Song I (한송이) is back with these 2 albums!

Enjoy this gorgeous beauty that looks absolutely stunning in mini skirts and tight jeans!

Han Song I

Han Song I

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is an Indian actress and a former model. She was born on 5 January 1986. Padukone made her acting debut in the 2006 Kannada film with Aishwarya. The following year, she made her Hindi film debut in the blockbuster Om Shanti Om which earned her the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award.

Deepika Padukone

Guo Shu Yao in Bowling Game

Bowling Chic Guo Shu Yao – 郭書瑤(瑤瑤)

This model seems like Rabbit, because he always wore her bunny outfit. Check Guo Shu Yao in other poses (of course with rabbit outfit too)

Beautiful Hot Phillippines: Valerie Garcia / Bangs Garcia

So what does that mean for the average home buyer in the Phoenix area? The good news for home owners is that their property value is going through the roof. This increase in value affords home owners several options - the can hold onto their property and let it continue to increase, they can sell their home and move up to home they otherwise couldn't have afforded, or they can take money out of the equity in their home and use it for other purposes - investments, remodeling, financial stability, etc.

Katrina Halili, Filipina actress

Katrina Halili is a Filipina actress, commercial model and music producer. She was born on January 4, 1986. She made her screen debut via StarStruck, but did not gain popularity until playing the antagonist roles in Darna, Majika and MariMar and becoming the protagonist in One Night Only, Gagambino and Magdusa Ka.

Katrina Halili

Xu Xi Yuan (Barbie Hsu)

Name: 徐熙媛 / Xu Xi Yuan
English name: Barbie Hsu / Barbie Xu
Also known as: 姍姍 (San San/Shan Shan), 大S (Big S)
Profession: Actress, host, singer
Birthdate: 1976-Oct-06
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Star sign: Libra
Height: 163cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood Type: B
Family: Sister Dee Hsu

Barbie started out with her sister as a girl band called ASOS in Taiwan. They became popular because of their funny and daring attitudes. Afterwards, they both hosted 100% entertainment (Yu Le Bai Fen Bai) for more than 8 years; the show is still running but both of their contracts have ended. Barbie became famous after her first drama, Meteor Garden, as the female lead Shan Cai, and was recognized again for her excellent performances in Phantom Lover and Mars. She is now focusing on acting in movies and series. Her recent drama with Alan Luo has made the audience continue to recognize her strong abilities.

Xu Xi Yuan

Kang Min Kyung

Kang Min Kyung is Korean singer. She was born on 3 August 1990. She is one of South Korean female group named Davinchi. Debuting in 2008, Davinchi won various new artist awards, and released a mini-album in March 2009, with the lead single '8282' fast becoming a chart-topper.

Kang Min Kyung

Lee Tae Im (Yi Tae Im)

Name: 이태임 / Lee Tae Im (Yi Tae Im)
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1986-Oct-15
Birthplace: South Korea

She look very beautiful!

Lee Tae Im

Lovely Song Joo Kyung (송주경)!

Lovely Song Joo Kyung (송주경)!: "
Enjoy this 36 photo pack on lovely Korean Model Song Joo Kyung (송주경)!

Song Joo Kyung

Song Joo Kyung

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