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These couples claim to have Fuck Virgin 52 Virgin and 49 Virgil

Strange indeed if a couple but the husband has slept with 52 virgins, while his wife is also serving 49 virgin sex. Number of virgin and virgin who served sex was part of the 3323 men Fuck women who had their 19 years of "work". Unique?

That mate Sarah Moore (39) and Geoff Daniels (40) who works as a substitute sexual partner for anyone having problems in bed. They go to practice the profession in Hammersmith, West London, England and Los Angeles, USA.

This couple is helping people who have problems in bed, with an open consultation, provide massage therapy, sex lesson and practice it without coercion.

"We are proud of living like this. We never felt bad to sleep with your husband or wife, even in relatively long time even if no problem," said Sarah told the Sun (30/11).

Sarah and Geoff have been around the world for that matter since unique profession lived 19 years ago the couple were still young and strong. Geoff American-born men had confessed to the 2162 women serve sex and "help" restore trust 52 people who lost their virginity. Meanwhile, Sarah has served to thousands of male sex including 49 virgin.

However, they claim to not want to be confused with prostitutes because of what it is a form of professional partners. He claims to be paid not to have sex but rather serve consultation on the bed. While the recognition of sex as part of that ministry. Their operational area includes the UK, France, America and Australia.

Sarah's own claim, had lost her virginity at age 15 years when I met Geoff when it was 20 years old as love and first sight they are finally getting married until now. And originated from the incident, she thought to use sex to help people who have problems in bed, which of course has not been worked out by doctors and psychologists.

Problems faced by the "patient" Sarah and Geoff is prolong sex, erectile dysfunction, sexual deviation recovery and so forth. If the patient requires services real sex practices, it will not refuse.

Sarah claimed to have nervous the first time serve a man with erectile dysfunction and can "wake up" after treatment but eventually "ask" served real. And finally she had to be washed thoroughly after sweating and provide therapeutic massage which then must serve to the male sex was 51 years.

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