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The Secret Andrej Pejic, Beautiful Models from Australia

Sexy Andrej PejicSexy model from Australia, this looks pretty and tall. But, make no mistake, he is a man.
This guy named Andrej Pejic (19) of Broadmeadows, Melbourne, Australia, and became an international model because her face looks more like women rather than men.

he started a new trend, a figure look super feminine for a man or known by the name femiman. He did not undergo plastic surgery to change the face or appearance. ? When photographers began photographing me they tried to make my face look masculine? he said.

However, it seems this photographer gave up and started to embrace the feminine face Pejic and his claim to feel comfortable. He also admitted often mistaken for a girl but she never do plastic surgery and the like.

? This happens every time and this must be my face every day,? he said. Since she set foot into the world of world-class model in Paris last June, a number of famous names have used it like Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

Andrej PejicHe later appeared in various editions of Vogue Magazine, among others, France, Japan, Turkey, Italy. Not only that, he has crossed the globe from Melbourne to New York where he got an offer lucrative advertising.

Bosnian-born model was born two months before the country's civil war broke out. When he was nine years old he moved to Australia with the eldest brother, mother and grandmother also live in the region and Melbourne.

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