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The Three-Breasted Hooker

Here is Kaitlyn Leeb in full costume as the 3-Breasted Hooker from the new "Total Recall" movie at a promotional events. And she is showing a lot of cleavage in the new movie as well as at the event but none of it is her own. Kaitlyn Leeb has become a star overnight, compliments of the prosthetic device worn at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con event. But she really want you to know she doesn't really have three breasts. The Canadian actress says the boobs on the "three-breasted mutant prostitute" costume are fake. The problem is the prosthetic boobs look so realistic many people at the Comic-Con event thought she really had 3 breasts. It is hard to believe, but there were actually people at Comic-Con who thought that the boobs on the actress playing the role of a three-breasted prostitute in the upcoming "Total Recall" remake were real. And that she had plastic surgery to look like that to get the role. Kaitlyn Leeb, in a last-ditch effort to clarify the costume, told the media this a few days after the event:

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Paulina 胡文英 from Taipei, Taiwan

Paulina 胡文英

Name: Paulina 胡文英
Date of Birth: Mar 8, 1967
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Measurements: 32D 22 33
About: Paulina 胡文英 is different from our usual girls, she might not be the prettiest but she is definitely one of the hottest 44 years old mother with 3 kids! With her graceful 32D figure and long slender legs, Paulina is often mistaken as a sister to her eldest 16 years old daughter who was also part of the 黑涩会美眉 (Hei Se Hui Mei Mei/Blackie Girls).

Ariel Xia Xin Ai 夏芯愛 from Taiwan

Ariel Xia Xin Ai 夏芯愛

Name: Ariel Xia Xin Ai 夏芯愛
Date of Birth: Apr 20, 1985
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Measurements: 32 24 33
About: Ariel Xia Xin Ai 夏芯愛, also known as 小嫩 Xiao Nen or 奈婗月 Nai Ni Yue is a pretty online model from Taichung, Taiwan.

Ariel was also the Microsoft Taiwan XBOX 360 天使 Live Angel who promotes the XBOX brand and games via the Internet. She is truly an angel and got the whole place glowing!

Phoebe Hui 許穎 from Hong Kong - Lenglui #216

Phoebe Hui 許穎

Name: Phoebe Hui 許穎
Date of Birth: Feb 3, 1989
Height: 171 cm
Measurements: 34D 24 35
About: Phoebe Hui 许颖 is a model from Hong Kong of Chinese and Japanese descent (her mother is a Japanese). Phoebe is often referred to as "Kot Girl" (葛女郎) after director-actor Eric Kot (葛民辉) handpicked her to be the image girl for his clothing line 4A. The 34D-cup model was previously only known in Hong Kong until June 2011 where a series of publicity stunts were carried out. She was seen shopping at an underwear storewearing only a bra and hot pants. Occassionally, she would bent down to show off her ample cleavage.

In late June 2011, naked photos of herself were leaked after she lost her mobile phone in a shopping mall. While some assume that this is just a plot to gain publicity, Phoebe Hui denied the rumour. When quizzed, she admitted that she was model in the photos and said, "They are pretty! Better do it when I'm young. Hope the public doesn't think too much of it. Many foreign female celebrities do the same!"

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