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Everybody's favorite girl: Nong Poy

More pictures of Nong Poy. I don't know about you, but every time I see a new picture of her, I get a huge smile on my face. Her face, her smile, her charming aura, her sexy legs, long hair and seductive eyes...I can't get enough of her. Enjoy these pics. I'm not sure where they were taken but I found them searching on Baidu (the Google of China).

More of The cutest Tsubaki Ayana

I am happy to present 19 new photos of the lovely Tsubaki Ayana. Man, this girl is incredible: beautiful face, small stature, 100% feminine voice, intelligent, outgoing. She is the perfect woman. I mean, this lady is wife material! Anway, enjoy these images of her beauty

Pretty Nong Poy more pics

Here she is again. Our #1 favorite girl, Nong Poy:

Nong Poy

Here is another collection of photos from our #1 favorite girl, Nong Poy.
Before the end of the week, I am going to post a bunch more photos of Fiona Film. Stay tuned! And, thanks to everyone who is returning to the blog. There have been more and more return visits and the other day the site almost had 1,000 hits in one day! That would be a record for this site. Anyway, you are not here to hear my are here to see the ladies. I give you Nong Poy, Treechada Petcharat, Poy Treechada, no matter what you call her she is a knock-out!

More pics of Fiona Film!

Here are some more pictures of the radiant Fiona Film. She may have one of the cutest faces ever. How can anyone not find her undeniably attractive.

Alicia Yu bicycle photo shoot

Here are some pictures of super hot Alicia Yu doing a photo shoot for bicycle clothing.
This new girl is one of the most beautiful transgender girls I've ever seen and she's certainly one of the hottest girls on this blog.

Liu Shi Han

Every now and then a girl comes who nearly knocks you off of your feet. Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another perfect girl out there, we are lucky to be introduced to the amazing, beautiful and brave Liu Shi Han from China. Liu Shi Han is a model and recently went public. Unfortunately, it was because someone was trying to out her against her will. In her own words:

'I just wanted to hide my identity and be an ordinary individual. But an anonymous person just wouldn’t let me go, making my privacy public and exposing to the media and public the fact that I can’t give birth to babies. Now, I admit it. No need to push me. I will slowly reveal the truth. I’d rather honestly face all this than allowing others to slander me.”

Why this person wanted to slander her is beyond me. Liu Shi Han is an exceptionally brave woman for going public and let's hope her modelling career continues to blossom. She exquisite, stunning and clearly smart. Let's enjoy these pictures of this pretty lady from China. Thanks to Fleming for bringing her to the blog's attention!

The lovely Tsubaki Ayana

This girl is so natural and her voice is perfect. I wish that I understood Japanese because I'd love to read her blog and understand the videos. Here is a video and some pictures of this divine beauty.

Alicia Liu

Beware! This new girl is unbelievably hot! The following 28 pictures of her may cause you to go into cardiac arrest - that's how gorgeous she is. Wow. Her name is Alicia Liu (Xun Ai) and she also is nicknamed Xiao Ai. She is a 24 year old model from Taiwan. She has been a successful model in Taiwan appearing in commercials, promo shoots and videos without anyone aware that she is transsexual until recently when a former schoolmate decided to tell the press about her past. Liu called for a press conference to tell the public that she is happy with her identity and she loves being the woman that she is.

Let's hope that this lovely woman doesn't have to deal with any harrassment and let's hope her career is going to be ok. It was very brave of her to talk to the press and to be honest about who she is. We wish her all the best.

Special thanks to the poster on the message board who brought this lady to my attention. Keep sending tips my way!

Nong Poy

Welcome Girl from China

Nikki - C字褲女王安心亚


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