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Recent photos of Nong Poy

Here are some more pictures of Nong Poy or Treechada Marnyaporn or Treechanda Petcharat...why do Thai girls have 700 names each? Someone, please explain...I'm just an ignorant American and I honestly have no idea.

Anyway, check her out here! As usual, she is drop-dead gorgeous. I'll be updating the site a few more times this week with more pictures of her so be sure to check back.

Choi Han Bit

Special thanks to an anonymous commenter for bringing Choi Han Bit's blog to my attention. I know you all enjoyed watching the videos of her in the Koren 'Open Hall' supermodel contest. She is absolutely sexy, cute and stunning and now we can enjoy following what she's up to on her blog. Meanwhile, enjoy some of these great pictures of her from her blog. New favorite girl, anyone?

Kim Petras

In this Daily Star article, Kim Petras reveals that she wants to move to Britain after school. The title of the article is annoying. Referring to her as 'sex change pop teen' is a bit unneccessary and just rude. Anyway, Kim's great personality shines in the brief interview. Read the article here and enjoy these random pictures of the cute Kim Petras below.

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