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Crazy child .... her heart she cursed his own mother in FB ...!!!

crazy child .... her heart she cursed his own mother in FB ...!!!
I just read it until annoyed ..!!!Yeaah How can a child raised by a mother who curses like this ... even until death curse ..

I attach a screen shot
in the Indonesian language)


  1. That's bad. But it's her business with her mom. Who knows what her mom has done? Only her.. People who said bad and taught her like a guru just made everything worse because what she thought is.. "What do they know?"

    Nice article

  2. But i think,Do not ever curse our mom..

  3. She's just lost I think, we never know how's her mother raise her.. Nevertheless, I do agree with you that what she did was wrong.. when anger controls you, u'll never be able to see anything right.. I hope God will guide her to make taubah and hopefully she'll change to be a better person.. insyaallah...


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