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Batman son of Superman

This story is a about a guy who goes to a police station to make a report and here is the starting of the story
Man: " Hi sir, I would like to complain about one of your police officer, who have assaulted me at the cafe."
Sergeant: " Can I have your name pls?"
Man: "Batman"
Sergeant: "Batman?"
Man: "Yes, Batman."
Sergeant: "You trying to be funny is it?"
Man: "No."
Sergeant: "Than what is your father's name?"Man: "Suparman"
Sergeant: "Hey,you trying to be funny is it?"
Man: "No."
Sergeant: "You are telling me that you are BATMAN, the son of SUPERMAN
Man: "Yes"
Sergeant: "You really too much you know, I can charge you for this offence for lying your name to an officer. Show me your ID card."


  1. Thank's
    i don't know, i think it's true story...

  2. That's really cool! also want to own a passport:)) well, or a driver's license upon presentation will be a lot of emotions in others

  3. Hahahahaha.... lucu kale...
    beneran tuh ceritanya?
    beneran ada orang yang namanya gitu?


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