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5 Unforgettable moments Celebrity Apology

Many celebrities who make mistakes like infidelity, or even nude photos of cases of sexual abuse by heartened to apologize publicly.
Many ways in which celebrities to convey the word apology, such as via twitter or send a statement to the media.
There is also a bold claim directly even welling tears. Here are a few moments of celebrity apologies unforgettable version of Zimbio.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Announcements Arnold Scwarzenegger divorce with his wife, Maria Shriver is very surprising. During this time their marriage which has been running for 25 years was regarded as a harmonious marriage. Apparently, the divorce was caused by this action actor affair with several women. In fact, former governor of California has a child from another woman.

For what he had done it, the man who was familiarly called Arnie was admitted regret. He also expressed his apology request. The contents of the petition apology, "I understand the feelings of anger and kekecewaaan among friends and family. There is no excuse and I will be fully responsible for the injuries I have caused. I apologize to Mary, the children and keluraga. I really really sorry. "

2. Miley Cyrus 
Young star Miley Cyrus gets a lot of criticism when she appeared naked in a photo shoot for the magazine in the year 2008. The photo does not show the private parts of the body of the star of 'Hannah Montana' this. However, the photo was deemed unfair to the artist at that time was 15 years old.

Miley could not stand to face the pros and cons caused by her sexy photos. She also filed an apology in an interview.

"My goal for music and acting is to make people happy. For Vanity Fair, I was flattered and pleased to be working with the photographer Annie Leibovitz. I took part in this shoot because it will be a photo of 'artistic. And when she saw the picture, I became ashamed , "she said.

3. Jesse James 
Jesse James in the spotlight when the affair with a woman tattooed revealed. Affair that makes Sandra Bullock who was then still a shame to be his wife. Their marriage also ended in divorce.

However, Jesse had expressed apologies for betraying her love against Bullock. "Because the bad behavior then I deserve everything that is bad. This is causing my wife and my children were ashamed and I am very sad to make them like that," he said in a written statement.

4. Tiger Woods 
The case of Tiger Woods with Jesse James and also Arnold Schwarzenegger that infidelity. He cheated with many women. And it was revealed after he had had an accident near his residence.

Apparently, he was just involved in an argument with his wife Elin Nordegren because the affair was the case. After that, one by one woman claimed to have had sex with these golfers.

Do not want the news continues to grow, eventually this man declared that the appeal apology on television. "I have to disappoint you all and make you ask who I am and how I was, so they can do things I do," he said.

After asking the apology, Woods also undergo sex addiction rehabilitation. Household with Elin ended in divorce.

5. LeAnn Rimes 
LeAnn Rimes has a forbidden relationship with actor Eddie Cibrain in the year 2009. She is considered to have captured people's husband. The singer was also briefly involved in an argument with his wife Cibrain, Brandi Glanville.

After a year has passed, the new Rimes expressed his apology to the ex-wife Cibrain, Glanville.

"What I do is the most selfish thing I could do. I've hurt people. I will be responsible with what I have done. I hate it because people get hurt, but I do not regret it," she said

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